As parents you are the first educators of your children. We believe in a close partnership with parents and staff as we join you in educating your child.

We want to work closely with you. Good communication between staff and parents enables us to inform each other of relevant matters concerning your child. We appreciate being informed of any change at home that might affect your child and will treat anything you tell us in strict confidence.

We want to inform parents about the activities and learning situations that your child will be experiencing. Theme plans and plans for activities that are continuously available are displayed in the entrance area of the nursery. Please take time to read these, as they will inform you of the range of activities available to your child and help you to discuss with them the things they are learning during their nursery sessions.

We welcome help from parents and are grateful to anyone who can make new dolls' clothes, repair equipment, bring in dressing up clothes, materials and soft wood off cuts, egg cartons, yogurt tubs, margarine tubs etc. We provide many varied activities and find that real things such as unwanted small saucepans, old telephones, clocks, toys, games, jigsaws which children have grown out of, to name but a few, bring alive children's play.

We hold a parents' evening three times each year when you will be invited to discuss your child's progress. However, there is no need to wait for these if you have questions or concerns. We want you to feel welcome at the nursery and we will always have time for you.

Our school is committed to promoting equality of opportunity in all aspects of school life based on the understanding that all people are different but equal. We seek to address issues of race, gender, culture and religion, wherever appropriate.

In the first five years, a child learns more than they are ever going to learn in the rest of their life. It is a period when learning is most rapid. It is therefore very important that children are given a solid foundation in these vital early years on which to build their future learning. This can only happen if staff and parents work in partnership. If you have any questions or worries about your child please do come and discuss them with the nursery staff at any time

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