Additional Information

Clothing and other personal items

  • Please arrange for your child to be sensibly and comfortably dressed in clothes that they can cope with when going to the toilet, playing in the water or changing for outdoor play. It is important that they are able to develop independence.
  • Ensure that your child’s coat, hat etc. are named and that they do bring a coat to nursery as we have outside activities. If possible, avoid coats that have loose cords, which can be dangerous if caught in equipment.
  • Please provide sensible shoes.
  • We discourage jewellery as it can get caught or lost.
  • Every child will have his or her own coat peg with name and picture.
  • If your child has an ‘accident’ in nursery, we will change them and try to provide clean clothes. Please return nursery clothes (cleaned) as soon as possible as supplies are limited.

Snack Time

  • During each session, we have snacks when the children are given milk or water.
  • A snack of fresh fruit will be provided during the sessions. Please let us know if your child is not allowed to eat certain foods.

Nursery Fund

  • We ask for a voluntary contribution of £1.00 per half term for School fund in order to buy extra supplies, e.g. for baking.

Nursery Library

  • Children are encouraged to borrow a book from our nursery library. These are changed each week.
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