• What’s in your habitat? — Children look at and identify some of the animals and plants that live in a habitat.
  • Apprentice Gardener — Children use their observations to describe and identify seeds. They start to plant a series of seeds that they will observe over the next few weeks, plant some bulbs to observe as a class and begin a class book to record their investigations
  • Growing up – Children identify the needs of a human baby and identify the changes that have occurred as they have grown from a baby into a child. The unit progresses to looking ath the stages of human life. Children find out more about babies by questioning an expert (a parent or health professional). They may also meet a baby.
  • Take care — Children first think about what they need to do to stay safe and healthy. They then sort food, group into categories and plan a healthy meal. The unit also focuses on physical health and the importance of cleanliness
  • Materials — Children identify which materials are appropriate for certain objects and which are not based upon their properties. Children carry out a comparative test to find out which types of materials are appropriate or not appropriate to make a teabag.
  • Shaping up – a unit investigating how we can change the shape of objects. They decide on suitable uses for a range of materials and test different types of elastics to see how well they stretch.

Science — Year 1

Topics to be covered in the year:

  • Plants
  • Animal Antics – animals around school, caring for pets, how a snail grows and changes
  • Sensing Seasons including Winter
  • Everyday Materials and Sensing Seasons – Spring & Plants
  • Sensing Seasons – Summer & Plants
  • Looking at Animals – the animal kingdom, animal movement, types and differences

Science — Year 3

Topics to be covered in the year:

  • Throughout the year — Our Changing World. Plants and animals
  • The Power of forces – Inertia, momentum, friction, magnetism
  • Amazing bodies – Health, skeleton, muscles.
  • Can you see me? Sight, light, shadows, sun safety.
  • How does your garden grow? Plants – how they live and reproduce.
  • Rock Detectives – Rock types, properties, fossils, soil.

Science — Year 4

Topics to be covered in the year:


  • In a state – States of matter
  • Good vibrations — sound
  • Switched On — electricity
  • Where does all that food go? Animals including humans, food and digestion
  • Human Impact – Living things and their environments.

Science — Year 5

Topics to be covered in the year:

  • Living Things in their Habitats
  • Animals including Humans
  • Properties and Changes of Materials
  • Earth and Space
  • Forces

Science — Year 6

Topics to be covered in the year:

  • Our Changing World
  • The Nature Library– Why and how organisms are classified
  • Electricity
  • The Human Body
  • Light
  • Evolution and Inheritance