English — Year 2

The following is an outline of the English curriculum covered in Year 2.

  • Stories with a familiar setting: Children write a variety of descriptive pieces set in familiar places such as school and home.
  • Instructional texts: A very practical unit focusing on the features, language and layout of instructions.
  • Performance Poetry: Children study rhythm, rhyme and explore a selection of poems designed to be performed to an audience.
  • Traditional stories: Focused around a range of traditional tales such as the Three Little Pigs and Cinderella. The unit culminates with children writing their own ending to a traditional story.
  • Explanation texts with a cross-curricular link to our Geography Rainforest topic. We create rainforerst booklets with a contents page, index glossary and much more.
  • Different stories by the same author: The author is Francesca Simon and we focus on the Horrid Henry stories and end the unit by writing our own versions.
  • Nonsense poems: Children create silly rhymes and rhythms.
  • Seaside stories linked to the Seaside Rock end of Key Stage 1 production.