Welcome to Kings Heath Primary School, a Fully Accessible Mainstream School (i.e. a school with staff and expertise that allows children with specific additional needs to be educated in a mainstream environment) in the south of Birmingham. I am proud to be the Head teacher of such a vibrant and diverse learning community and I hope that if you are considering our school for your child you get a flavour of our work through this website. However, it is the energy, enthusiasm and creativity of our children and staff that makes our school special, so we hope that you will be able to attend our open days or make an appointment to see round the school, to meet our children and to get a feel for our community.

We work hard at creating a caring and secure environment that children can flourish in, with a curriculum that provides challenge, stimulation and high expectations for all. Children here learn from skilled and caring staff, make friends with children from a very wide range of backgrounds and develop open and positive attitudes as a result. We are pleased that OfSTEd always recognise our ethos as such a major strength and have identified that at the heart of our school there are ‘very warm relationships in all classes’ which ‘encourage and develop pupils’ confidence and enjoyment of learning.’ Our last OfSTEd inspection in September of 2016 noted that ‘The culture of the school is inclusive, and diversity is celebrated’. That inspection also confirmed teaching, learning and progress continue to be good and that our school improvement strategies are having the effect we are aiming for.

We look forward to working in partnership with parents, pupils and the wider community to build on our strengths and improve our school even further.

Shirley Hanson

Head Teacher