Kings Heath Primary is a Fully Accessible Mainstream School, which means we have the capacity to meet the needs of up to 6 children with complex physical difficulties and disabilities. In addition, we are able to cater for children with specific learning difficulties and disabilities. We work hard to meet their needs where it is appropriate for them to attend a mainstream school.

Where there is a need to make additional provision we value the following principles:

  • The voice of pupil and parent in decision making for SEN, forming a partnership
  • High expectations and timely preparations for moving forward
  • Effective and clear communication
  • Early and/or timely identification of needs
  • Easily-accessible information regarding the help and services available, and clear instruction on how this can be accessed both within and beyond school

We are very proud of all of our pupils at Kings Heath Primary School, and think that we are a school community that appreciates and understands difference and diversity. It is a privilege to share the experience and knowledge pupils and families with specific needs bring, which in turn help us to continue to develop and grow our skills and learning as a school.