How are pupils identified as having ‘SEND’? How will I/we know?

We assess each pupil’s skills and levels of attainment regularly in school, including when they first start at school. Early Years staff monitor all development often and closely. All class teachers will make regular assessments of progress for all pupils.

Sometimes a pupil’s progress:

  • Is slower than expected
  • Gap/s are beginning to form between the child and their peers
  • Usual adjustments or class differentiation aren’t enough to close the gap
  • Is slower in areas other than academic attainment, for example, emotional needs or problems with relationships/friendships (Slow progress and low attainment will not automatically mean a pupil is recorded as having SEN.)
  • When deciding whether special educational provision is required, we will start with the expected outcomes, including the expected progress and attainment, and the views and the wishes of the pupil and their parents. We will use this to determine the support needed and whether we can provide it by adapting our core offer1, or whether something different or additional is needed

1Core offer means what you can expect as usual classroom practice