Outside Agencies/Support for pupils and staff training.

It may be necessary to consult outside agencies for advice to explore further ideas and advice about the best ways to support a pupil.

Where school requires further advice, we will consult a number of specialists operating outside school.

Professional Services available to school:

  • Behaviour/Mentoring Support (REACH Services). Specifically aimed at behavior, friendship or mental health concerns
  • Specialised counselling service (JH Counselling) Specifically aimed at behavior, friendship or mental health concerns
  • Communication and Autism Team (Visit & Advice when a pupil is diagnosed or in the process of being diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Condition)
  • Educational Psychologist (EP Visit & Advice on complex conditions)
  • Occupational Therapists (Advice only– as referred by Health Services)
  • Physiotherapy (Visit & Advice for children diagnose and seen by Health professionals)
  • Pupil & School Support (Visit & Advice on learning needs and interventions to support specific difficulties)
  • Physical Disabilities Support Service (Visit & Advice for pupils with Education and Health care Plans for a physical disability)
  • Speech & Language Service (Advice only via Health Professionals)
  • Specific, Sensory Specialists Services for identified pupils (Visual Impairment Team, Hearing Impairment Team).
  • Specialist Nurse Support for Brittle Bones and Diabetes for identified pupils

Education and Health Care Plans:

When a pupil’s needs are highly complex, or a pupil has several complex needs, it might be necessary to assess and request an Education and Health Care Plan. This would be in collaboration with all school staff and supporting agencies, pupils and their parents. This process takes place over a significant length of time because a great deal of evidence is needed to support the process. An Education and Health Care Plan, as the name suggests, means that it is likely that Health and Social Care organisations may also be involved to meet the pupil’s needs.

It would also be considered if attendance at a mainstream school, such as Kings Heath is regarded as a suitable placement for the pupil.

Accessibility and Personal Care Plans are written for those children who need adaptations made to access the school environment or where special arrangements are made for their personal care or equipment used in school.