The Headteacher, Special Educational Needs Coordinators, Teaching staff and Teaching Assistants collectively have day to day responsibility for meeting the needs of children in school.

The SENDCO/Assistant Head Teacher, Julia Wilcox has school wide responsibility (Foundation Stage & Years 16) for SEND.

Lisa Brown Assistant Head Teacher and Lead for Foundation Stage and Year 1 has operational and managerial responsibility for SEND in Foundation stage (Nursery and Reception).

Julia Wilcox is responsible for reviewing Policy and Practice for SEND in consultation with key stakeholders (Parents, Pupils, Governors, Teaching and Support Staff).

Julia Wilcox and Lisa Brown will:

  • Work with the Headteacher and SEND governor to look at the bigger issues around SEND in school and how it affects all pupils and their families
  • Manage budgets for SEND
  • Have day-to-day responsibility for which pupils receive interventions, including those with the most complex needs
  • Provide professional support to teachers and support staff to deliver ‘high quality teaching’
  • Advise on the graduated approach to providing SEND support
  • Work closely with external agencies, especially the local authority and its support services
  • Liaise with potential Secondary schools to ensure pupils and their parents are informed about options and a smooth transition is planned
  • Work with the headteacher and governing board to ensure that the school meets its responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010 with regard to reasonable adjustments and access arrangements
  • Ensure the school keeps the records of all pupils with SEN up to date

The SEND Governor will:

  • Help to raise awareness of SEND issues at governing board meetings
  • Monitor the quality and effectiveness of SEN and disability provision within the school and update the governing board on this
  • Work with the headteacher and SENCO to determine the strategic development of the SEN policy and provision in the school
  • The SEND Governor is Liz Holmes

The Headteacher will:

  • Work with the SENDCOs and SEND governor to determine the strategic development of the SEN policy and provision in the school
  • Have overall responsibility for the provision and progress of learners with SEN and/or a disability

Each class teacher is responsible for:

  • The progress and development of every pupil in their class
  • Working closely with any teaching assistants or specialist staff to plan and assess the impact of support and interventions and how they can be linked to classroom teaching
  • Working with the SENDCO to review each pupil’s progress and development and decide on any changes to provision
  • Ensuring they follow SEND policy