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Remote education provision: information for parents

The full return to schools (with the exception of clinically extremely vulnerable (CEV) children and staff) from March the 8th means that there will be changes to our current arrangements. This page is explain how we plan to deliver remote learning when it is needed.

When remote learning will be provided

    There are 3 main categories;
  1. Where a child has received a letter confirming CEV status and who needs to stay at home to be safe
  2. When a child and their family needs to isolate because of Covid symptoms or a positive test
  3. When a school ‘bubble’ or a group of close contacts have to isolate

The remote curriculum

The Padlets will remain the first point of call for that week’s expectations and resources. We will continue to update these weekly so that there is no delay in access should your child suddenly need them.

The resources and learning objectives for English and mathematics will be the same as in school, just as they have been during the lockdown period. There will also be the same range of other subjects there has been until now, although it cannot be as extensive as what the children will do in school. However, all the key aspects of each subject area will be included, so your child should not be disadvantaged.

During lockdown we have had a substantial number of staff on the rota managing the online learning, running the Zooms and doing the marking and feedback. This will now change.

  1. We will maintain a small number of staff (teachers and TAs) to specifically support the children who are shielding and need long term support to make the best progress possible while learning at home. They will not have class teaching responsibilities so that they can concentrate solely on this. There will be a similar system of Zoom meetings for shielding pupils to what you have been used to during lockdown. However, the allocated staff may not be from your child’s specific year group so we must acknowledge the disadvantage that this may impose at times.
  2. These staff will also support any individual children who have to isolate with their families, for instance. Staff capacity and the way they work may have to vary depending on the number of children who are isolating at any one time.
  3. If a class bubble has to isolate then the class teacher and TAs will run the Zoom sessions in the same way as during the lockdown. If the class teacher is ill then the home learning team or other staff will co-ordinate the class home learning.
  4. Some children need extra support in school, such as targeted interventions. We will timetable staff, equipment and rooms to allow that to continue at home if those children are shielding or isolating.
  5. All of the above may have to change if illness effects staffing levels significantly. You will be informed of that and all other arrangements via the usual ParentMail messages.
  6. If you have any technical barriers to accessing the online learning develop then please do get in touch. We have devices that we can loan you, or we can prepare paper packs of work if that is necessary. However, online access has proved to be far more effective for most children as it allows for discussion, feedback and guidance.
  7. If you are concerned about your child’s mental health and wellbeing as a result of shielding or Covid in general then please do get in touch. We are conscious that feelings of isolation may be amplified with the rest of the class back at school. We are currently planning ways that could be mitigated and, more generally, how shielding pupils can be made to feel part of what is going on.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Catch-Up Premium

After 2 years of disrupted learning, we see the catch-up or recovery phase as one that will last several years. Our approach will have several phases:

  1. Starting back after a lockdown will begin with a transition period with lessons and activities that will:
    1. Re-establish friendship groups and allow staff to identify any children who may need support or interventions to deal with any wellbeing issues.
    2. Allow staff to baseline the class in as a starting point for planning.
    3. Identify children who may need additional support, resources, or interventions to catch-up. Particular attention will be paid to children from disadvantaged groups.
    4. Include communication with parents where additional factors are identified.
  2. The curriculum will, where necessary:
    1. Draw on objectives from previous year groups. Priority will be given to phonics, early reading, reading, writing (composition as well as SPAG aspects) and mathematics, with number being given priority.
    2. Particular attention will be paid to children identified as needing additional support, resources or interventions.
  3. The catch-up premium grant will be spent on resources and equipment that support longer term teaching and learning and that can be used preferentially for target children. For example, Learning by Questions will be subscribed to, and target children will get additional time in school and be invited (where necessary) to borrow a tablet to allow reinforcement over holidays. Similarly, online reading materials will be subscribed to, and the same system of additional input and access applied.

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