COVID-19 Catch Up Premium

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Catch-Up Premium

After 2 years of disrupted learning, we see the catch-up or recovery phase as one that will last several years. Our approach will have several phases:

  1. Starting back after a lockdown will begin with a transition period with lessons and activities that will:
    1. Re-establish friendship groups and allow staff to identify any children who may need support or interventions to deal with any wellbeing issues.
    2. Allow staff to baseline the class in as a starting point for planning.
    3. Identify children who may need additional support, resources, or interventions to catch-up. Particular attention will be paid to children from disadvantaged groups.
    4. Include communication with parents where additional factors are identified.
  2. The curriculum will, where necessary:
    1. Draw on objectives from previous year groups. Priority will be given to phonics, early reading, reading, writing (composition as well as SPAG aspects) and mathematics, with number being given priority.
    2. Particular attention will be paid to children identified as needing additional support, resources or interventions.
  3. The catch-up premium grant will be spent on resources and equipment that support longer term teaching and learning and that can be used preferentially for target children. For example, Learning by Questions will be subscribed to, and target children will get additional time in school and be invited (where necessary) to borrow a tablet to allow reinforcement over holidays. Similarly, online reading materials will be subscribed to, and the same system of additional input and access applied.
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