Our most recent OfSTEd inspection was conducted on 22nd September 2016 and can be downloaded using the link below. As a school that has always been judged as ‘good’ or ‘good with outstanding features’ by inspectors and as a result we had a one day inspection and were once again judged as good.

As you will know if you are already part of our school community, we are designated as a Fully Accessible Mainstream School and therefore have children with complex needs and significant barriers to learning in each year group, along with very able children. This can make it very challenging for inspectors to make judgements in such a short time but we were pleased that the majority of their conclusions matched our self-evaluation.

Key Points:

  • Education is of a good quality across the school
  • Our culture is inclusive and ‘there are no discernible differences in the opportunities that different pupils have’
  • ‘Parents are supportive of, and note the strengths of, the inclusive and multicultural nature of the learning environment’
  • ‘High levels of effective communication exist between the school and parents, and the school is firmly rooted within the local community’
  • ‘A culture of ensuring that all pupils are safe pervades the school. The leadership team makes sure that all safeguarding requirements are met’.
  • ‘Parents agree that their children are safe at school, that children are well looked after and that concerns are promptly and successfully addressed. This view is summarised by one parent who commented, ‘The senior leadership team is always very approachable and available to parents and pupils within and outside of school hours.’
  • ‘Governors are highly skilled and enthusiastic about the school. They use these qualities to good effect’
  • Our own development priorities were reflected in the inspectors findings that our ‘detailed analysis identifies areas to further improve.’ They went on to note that ‘Leaders have a clear view of the challenges that some pupils face to improve their writing. They are clear about future key actions to take for further development.’

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