Welcome from the Headteacher

My name is Mark Court and as the Headteacher, I am very proud to welcome you to Kings Heath Primary School. Situated in the south of Birmingham, Kings Heath Primary is a school deeply committed to challenging inequality in any form through an inclusive ethos that runs through the school.
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Nurturing ambition, achievement, respect and happiness

Welcome from the Head

Welcome to Kings Heath Primary School, a Fully Accessible Mainstream School (i.e. a school with staff and expertise that allows children with specific additional needs to be educated in a mainstream environment) in the south of Birmingham. I am proud to be the Head teacher of such a vibrant and diverse learning community and I hope that if you are considering our school for your child you get a flavour of our work through this website. However, it is the energy, enthusiasm and creativity of our children and staff that makes our school special, so we hope that you will be able to attend our open days or make an appointment to see round the school, to meet our children and to get a feel for our community.

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Kings Heath Primary School
Nurturing ambition, achievement, respect and happiness
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