Following last year’s early closure of school, we are currently delivering a “recovery curriculum”. This is designed to ensure that the core elements that have been missed in all subjects are addressed, and we aim that children will be working at age related expectations by the summer term.

Kings Heath Primary School is a diverse and inclusive community of learners. We aspire for our children to be:

  • Successful learners who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve
  • Confident individuals who are able to live a safe, healthy and fulfilling life
  • Responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society

We believe in education and learning that is stimulating, liberating and enriching and that helps develop minds that are alive to the diversity of human thought and achievement and to the richness of the natural world. These beliefs shape the way our curriculum is delivered.

We believe learning is best when it is:

  • Structured: long term plans ensure progressive build-up of knowledge, skills and understanding. Individual lessons have clear learning objectives and success criteria.
  • Active – learners ‘construct’ meaning, they do not passively receive it: we structure lessons into appropriate ‘chunks’ of time to allow a balance of instruction from adults and exploration/application from the children.
  • Reflective: we use open questions to encourage debate and self or peer assessment at the end of lessons.
  • Progressive: we practise our skills and learn from our mistakes. We challenge children to move on.
  • Co-operative: shared learning, through group and paired activities, are regular features of our lessons.
  • Stimulating: we use a range of teaching and learning styles including auditory, kinaesthetic and visual.
  • Motivating: we reward and praise effort, achievement and creativity.

Within any lesson the teacher may differentiate both the teaching and the learning activities to match the abilities of the children. This will be done in any of three ways:

  • By task
  • By outcome
  • By additional support

Teachers will also ensure that children have the opportunity to use a variety of learning styles, including:

  • Individual tasks
  • Group tasks
  • Peer support
  • Whole class work
  • Independent tasks

Where children’s first language is not English, the school will, as far as is practicable, facilitate learning through pre-tutoring, resources and support in the classroom.

Children on the special needs register and children with statements of SEND/education health care plans may have individual learning plans specifically tailored to their needs or specific aspects of learning to develop. These are addressed as far as possible as part of the normal classroom teaching but sometimes require specific input involving withdrawal from the main classroom environment for short periods of time. All children are given full access to the National Curriculum, unless their statement/education health care plan of SEND indicates disapplication. Staff will actively support all children to reach their potential regardless of academic ability, race, gender or age.

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