Michelle Naven

Staff Governor (Co-Opted)

About Me:

I am currently a class teacher at Kings Heath Primary School; I have had successful experience in teaching across foundation stage, Key stage 1 and Key stage 2 in my 8 years at the school. Prior to this had 11 years’ experience as a Special Schools assistant, Teaching Assistant and Learning Mentor. I have always been passionate about education. I share a love of learning with the children in my care. I enjoy inspiring children to reach their potential, knowing that I have played my part.

I am aware that each school is set itself in a wider community. It is essential as a teacher to have an understanding of the community which the school serves. Being educated and employed within Birmingham, I experience delight in extending my understanding of diverse ways of life. I actively seek opportunities to demonstrate respect for the wider community by being an active member of the school governing body, regularly meeting parents and supporting extra-curricular clubs. I believe that a school’s place in the wider community should be reflected in the school ethos and curriculum. Education is about giving children the life skills which prepare them for the wider world.

Joined Governing Body: